NHL会员场本周前瞻 雪崩双枪或迎球队谢幕战

The avalanche team ushered in the trading deadline last day before the war, because the price is too high, the possibility of captain Gabriel Landerskog and Matt Du Xian was traded wholesale jerseys in the last moment is higher, so the game two is likely to usher in the last match played wild team. Avalanche team record is still poor, although the play as they travel to Buffalo, unexpectedly defeated the home court the strength of the Team Sabre, but their last 10 games and made only 2 matches, the game face is fraught with grim possibilities. Although the trapeze team recent state is also not ideal, just defeat to rivals penguins in outdoor games they rush in the avalanche team who regain confidence.

From the lightning team offensive and defensive trading center Brian Boyle at Losangeles maple leafs, the challenge has just ushered in the new goalkeeper of the kings, he and Nazem Kadri will let the maple leafs configuration has two powerful center. In maple leaf array, James Van Rimoustek and Taylor Bozak are very likely to become the object of the transaction, so the game we will probably see the maple leafs many different figure, and the kings of Bissau Pu Ben cheap nhl jerseys joined the reinforcement team goalkeeper position, the game team will consider perhaps the king sent him off to look for the feeling of game. A group of responsibility and the team striker Taylor Tefuli – Geoff Carter Tanner Pearson will continue to serve as Cuichengbazhai, they face the maple leafs not solid defense may have more opportunities.

Off the original goalkeeper Ben Bishop, lightning team will put all their hopes in the young Andre Wasilewski’s body, he can stop the penguins were aggressive attack suspect striker. The front, the team will continue to play on Nikita Kuchelov, he in the face of the Ottawa senators team just scored second hat trick of occupation career, his fiery state will bring challenge wholesale jerseys to the penguin goalkeeper Matt Murray. Penguin, Mark – Andre Fowler Rui still exists a potential deal, his departure will be brought to other side reinforcement, the penguins will also rely on the team and the players play star players strive to defending the game, we will want to see their new lineup configuration.

The Vancouver Canucks off the Alexander Burrows will visit Losangeles, bad road this season they will be difficult to form a threat to the kings. With the Seding brothers growing old, the team needed reconstruction, but they lack the bargaining chip, make it difficult for them to make a difference in the market players, the team in front of more than key players also let them if this game is one disaster after another, including striker Sven Ba Welch, Ben Hutton and others cheap nhl jerseys could not return back, they still cannot opponents contend with the district.

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